New Year – New Resolutions (or let's try this again)

Random – Happy New Year! Once again with the new year it's time for some new resolutions. I didn't do so hot with mine last year other than limiting my "new" hobby purchases and "cleaning" out my game room. I'm still working on the later and slowly ebaying away stuff that doesn't interest me anymore and getting it into the hands of someone who does.

Anyway on to the resolutions:

1.) FINISH THEM! – I swear this is going to be the year that I get these damn marines done. I have everything in place to make this happen I just need to make time to get them done. I'm relooking at how I'm going to go about dividing them up as the ten man tactical squads seem to have forced me to stagnate on the project. I might just try and get all the vehicles and bikes done first and then move on to the marines. In the meantime I'm not going to put anything on the table that isn't complete, I'm hoping that this handicap will encourage me to focus on my own stuff.

2.) Near Future City – This is so close to done I can taste it. With the cold weather my airbrushing activities are severely limited but I'm going to get all the detail work done on this and have them primed so as soon as warm weather hits I can get these final few buildings finished. 

3.) Super Dungeon Explore – I love this game. I resolve to get the models for the game painted and play at least 5 times this year. In a related resolution I plan on getting all the chibi stuff on have painted and assembled. If I can get more than 5 games of the standard games in I'll look at writing some house rules for the chibi stuff. 

4.) Judge Dredd – This game fell by the wayside after a few sessions. I'm not exactly sure why ... it seems that right around the time it was catching on my group started fixating on 40K again. I have several gangs that are in tabletop shape and I have some others that are in the works. By midsummer I resolve to run a 4 week campaign of this game with fully painted minis on the Near Future Board.

5.) Zombicide – This game is fun but I've yet to play more than a single mission of the core game. With all the expansions in my possesion I feel I need to play this my resolution is to play at least one mission from each expansion before the end of the year.

6.) Malifaux – I need to figure out what I want to do in regards to this game. I love the models, setting etc. But I don't know that I want to invest in a new edition ... my hesitation is due to the fact that no one I know plays the game anymore. Since I don't have time for Henchmaning at the moment there's no organized play in my area that I know of ... so I'm left with the decision to hold onto it and hope things change or sell it off and write it off like I did Warmachine/Hordes. I resolve to make a decision before the end of the year.

7.) Helldorado – I'm not as heavily invested in this game but it falls in a similar category to Malifaux. Great game, cool rules, great background however there's not a ton of interest with my current gaming group in this game. The few guys that invested in it haven't been able to play regularly so it hovers in a limbo. I resolve to get at least 2 games in with this this year.

8.) Deadzone – With the kickstarter in hand I have some work to do. I resolve before the end of the year to get this assembled painted and play at least 4 games.

9.) Relic Knights – IF this delivers before the end of next year I resolve to get my factions assembled and to play at least 4 games. I'm hoping the final rules will be multiplayer friendly (or at least easy to house rule) as my best chance of getting these games in is to play some 4 player games.

10.) Kingdom Death: Monster – I'm hoping there are no further delays on this. IF it delivers in Q2 as planned I want to get the survivors assembled as well as the monsters in the core game so I can play a game or two of this before the end of 2014.

So there you have it my 10 gaming resolutions for 2014. Some might be a bit over ambitious and some might be a little under ambitious, but I feel that if I put my mind to it I can make this stuff happen in 2014. 

What are your gaming goals for 2014? Please share in the comments section below.