On the painting table ... Guard your Grill

Warhammer 40,000 – I suck. Plain and simple I've been sitting on this job for far to long. Part of the problem is the client has provided no deadline and has most of his other stuff that is playable so this is really just a bunch of stuff he got a good deal on and wants to match his other models. This is great for me as it means I just paint when I have a chance between other jobs but it also sucks because I feel guilty for having this for so long. 

I've been swamped with some more recent jobs lately mostly Relic Knights stuff because the game finally released and seems to be doing well with my client base. With summer coming to a close I'm hoping the kids will get back to their regular sleeping schedule as it gets dark sooner and I'll be able to pick up a few more hours of quality painting time. With a one and three year old running around it's hard to set up in the family living spaces to paint as they have a tendency to want to look with their hands and distract me from what I'm doing. Which is cool because they both love what dad does but it also means it's hard to get in the groove. My wife is cool with me setting up in the basement and grinding away on my modeling projects but I feel guilty not spending time with the family.

So I've become a bit of a late night painter and as a result have gone back to relying on Red Bull to get me through the day. (which is not good as that stuff is terrbile for you) Let's hope I can work out a happy medium with the changing seasons.

On to the actual work. These are pretty straightforward Three-Color++ jobs, basically a basic paint job with a wash and some minimal base work. With guard armies this tends to be what you see most of the time just because of the sheer volume of models on the table. (not to mention the limited time they live on the table before being relegated to the dead pile)