Bug Problem ... 1500 Tyranid vs. Space Marines

Warhammer 40,000 – One of my regular opponents just assembled a decent size Tyranid force and really wanted to get them on the table and I had a list I really wanted to tryout prior to a tournament coming up in March. We agreed prior to the game that we'd play 1500 points, Battleforged, Eternal War on a urban table.

It works out well when you can predetermine all those elements before a game, that way you're simply pulling out the models rolling off and going. We also emailed each other our lists prior to the game so there weren't any surprises.

I decided to run my Twilight Ravens as Imperial Fists this game:

HQ - Chaplain

Elite - Command Squad - Apothecary, 4 Melta guns, Melta Bombs, Drop Pod

Elite - Sternguard, Powerfist, 2 Melta Guns, 7 veterans, Drop Pod

Elite - Sternguard - 2 Melta Guns, 8 Veterans, Drop Pod

Troop - 5 Scouts with shotguns

Troop - Powerfist, 4 Scouts with shotguns

Fast - Storm Talon lascannon, assault cannon

Vindicator Squad - 3x Vindicators

My Opponents ran:

HQ - Flyrant

HQ - Flyrant

Troop -  Genestealers

Troop - Genestealers

Troop - Genestealers

Troop - Genestealers

Fast - Lictor

Heavy - Mawlock

Heavy - Carnifex

Elite - Warriors

The game was Relic with corner deployment. The Tyranids set up and went first. Which resulted in me losing a scout squad and another getting pinned. My first turn dropped in the Sternguard who proceeded to paste two squads of Genestealers. The trio of Vindicators blasted the apocalypse template onto another group of Genestealers and managed to take out half of them.

Turn two the tyranids strike back. Closing into combat the bugs start to tear up the marines. Being locked in combat means my Sternguard are less than effective. 

Turn three is more messy combat where the marines seem to be slowly winning. Even though a Mawlock burst out of the ground and killed of half a squad. The command squad and Storm Talon come in but are less than effective.

Turns four and five swing decisively to the Tyranids and i concede when I only have the three scouts left that can possibly score the objective. (The mawlock bursting out of the ground into the relic sealed that)

Overall the game was really fun. I don't see myself using a vindicator squad in this list again. The giant template was cool but I feel like I could get more bang out of several smaller units instead.