About Me

What is Twilight Emporium?

This site is the first step toward my dream of owning a retail game/hobby store. I love my hobby and like to share it with others. My hobby is updated regularly to share my thoughts, discoveries and projects.

The other purpose of this site is to link to my online store and ebay auctions where you will find competitively-priced models and custom built terrain. I also offer a very competitively priced commission painting service, please use the email link for inquiries.

Why Twilight Emporium?

Well, emporium is a word I've always been fond of. To me it describes a place full of interesting things that you won't find anywhere else. Twilight is that time of day when things change. It's not quite dark yet and not quite light. To me, games are that gray area in between: sometimes you're the hero, others the villain and once in a while something in between.

As a kid my favorite game/hobby stores were small poorly lit shops with piles of boxes that you had to dig through to find that special something. Inevitably the owner would be a friendly — although slightly creepy — old man that may or may not have helpful advice. I may not be old (or slightly creepy) and think a store needs to be well lit and organized, but the feeling the store's name evokes should harken back to those weird little shops. In movies and books there have always been odd places where the adventure starts (Mr. Wing's shop in Gremlins, Needful Things and many others in horror/mystery films) and that's what I think a game/hobby store should be.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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