Customer Review

I'd like to thank my customers and share some of their positive feedback:

"The t shirt was cool and unexpected. Thanx for that! I'll wear it tomorrow to our Malifaux game day.

The terrain was very nice. Like I said before paying someone to do water effects for me is more than acceptable and I felt the prices quite reasonable for "custom" work. The shacks are very nicely put together, I love that the top comes up. The swamp bases are very nicely constructed. The only thing I think I'm going to do to them is dullcoat around where the water isn't to kill a bit of the shine. They all felt like they should be together on a board. The pig pen was great, I have no idea how you did the fence, it looked time intensive. 

All in all I am very happy with the elements and will certainly recommend you to anyone looking for some terrain. I'll post something on the forums in a day or two also!"