Extreme Game Room Make-over (part 1)

There comes a time when you have to break-down and "grow-up," part of that process includes updating things within your home. Having been in our new house for almost two years, my wife and I have been slowly updating the things that don't really fit with our style, and replacing the random collection of hand-me-down/found furniture.

The next big project is to update the game room. Currently the game room takes up the finished half of the basement and the majority of that space is consumed by my tables, display cabinets and bookshelves. The bookshelves and displays were found or given to me ages ago. As such they've served their purpose but due to the nature of their acquisition never were exactly right. The other issue is that while I "painted" them to match I've never been overly concerned with the look of them (hence none of them match).

Also within the current space is a small fridge, tiny TV and a drafting table (which double as my shipping/receiving department). The fridge is great and just the right size. Any game room needs easy access to beverages, so it needs to stay. The TV is a carry over from when I was a kid so it's pretty small and doesn't make for a good entertainment venue. Part of what my wife wants is for the space to become a spot to hang out and entertain. So a bigger TV and a sofa of some type have to be worked into the space as well.

Currently, I repurposed the carpet that was in an upstairs bedroom to cover the floor in the basement. While it worked better than the nasty green tile that exists in the space right now. However the carpet was well worn prior to putting it down there and now needs to go. In my day job I've had the opportunity to see lots of different flooring options for retail applications. One of the products that gets used quite often is a vinyl plank flooring that looks like wood but floats on top of the existing floor. This is going to look really nice and has the added benefit of me not having to tear up the tile.

The next step is to pack up the plethora of stuff I have in the room and store it. Once that's done I can rip up the carpet and paint. After that is done I can begin installing the new floor.