So I went to McDonald's for lunch today and was pleasantly surprised. The McRib has returned, yes once again everyone can enjoy that tasty pressed pork patty slathered with bar-b-que sauce. This mysterious item seldom makes an appearance on the menu so get it while you can.

While I was waiting in the ridiculously long line (really one cashier during the lunch rush...) I noticed the new happy meal toys. Typically I glance at the display of junk plastic and am thankful that my daughter is no longer of the age to demand such nonsense. However upon closer inspection the current toys for Megamind may actually prove useful. The toys are clunky mechanical monstrosities that with a bit of imagination could easily be converted to serve as terrain pieces in a laboratory. The one I picked up today is some type of purple spider-like machine. I'm thinking it might become the basis of my arcane apparatus, special terrain feature. The other toys, which seem to have decent textures and feel very steampunky, could easily be converted to other types of mad-scientist style terrain pieces.