Tactics: Dr. McMorning

For a long time I didn’t like McMorning. I thought the model was great, and loved the concept; however every time I put him on the table he failed to perform.

So I put him away and played using the other masters and really started to see the synergy that the Resurrectionist list has to take advantage of. 

One day while going through the forums I found a clarification that suddenly made the Zombie Chihuahua much much better. For some reason I thought Get the Stick was just a variation of For You Master, then I realized what I was missing. That little doggie can “fetch” 2 parts per turn as long as it stays within 3” of McMorning. That little fact suddenly made McMorning a summoning machine. 

On paper McMorning looks like the “melee beatstick” for the Resurrectionists. He’s not. If you try to run him up like Justice or Lilith he dies...quickly.

What I’ve found works best with him is to hold back for 2-3 turns. He can let his minions weaken and tie up the opposition, while he cranks out a few Flesh Constructs. Around turn 3 or 4 have him run up (preferably with 6 or more parts) and summon a Construct for protection. Since McMorning is relatively fast for a Resurrectionist master, he can potentially move 15 inches in a turn and summon a flesh golem 6” beyond that. That becomes a pretty solid threat range.

For his crew I like to have waves of models. Usually I like to run three Canine Remains, three Punk Zombies, the Zombie Chihuahua and Sebastian at 30 points. Running the dogs ahead of the zombies will usually force the opponent to deal with the dogs first. They die quickly but it gives you a turn to set up your charges (as well as potential parts for later) with the Zombies.

Belles are fun to run with McMorning as they can pull models into threat range and help you to pick off models one at a time. They synergize well with the Canine Remains, especially if the remains can trigger rabies.

My favorite trick is to have McMorning, Sebastian, and the Zombie Chihuahua sit back and make stuff. I’ll usually cash in 3 stones for three body parts. On the first turn the Chihuahua uses Get the Stick twice. McMorning activates and hits Sebastian twice (cheating in weak damage) and gains 2 more parts. Then cast Monstrous Creation. Sebastian activates and Gathers Parts. Next turn repeat with the Chihuahua and have Sebastian For you Master to give McMorning more parts, cast Monstrous Creation again. Next turn you need to heal Sebastian, before you punch him for more parts. You can do this all game if you want but I like to run McMorning into the action on turn 4, carrying 6 or more parts. So long as the cards go your way you can summon a minimum of 3 constructs, if not more depending on what the body count looks like when McMorning makes his move.

The list can play the aggressive game as well. However you have to be very careful because McMorning has pretty terrible defense, and you want your stones to do damage, otherwise you can “guarantee” a hit.

Rancid Transplant is hardly ever worth casting. Spending cards and/or stones to make something Easy-to-Wound seems like a good idea, except it will usually die to the next thing that hits it. 

I haven’t tried The Hanged or Crooked Men with McMorning but they don’t seem to really have much synergy with McMorning’s playstyle. 

Mortimer is a good choice as well, especially since Exhume can now be cheated, netting you corpses that become two body parts. Sybil is a good choice as well since you can beat on her and she heals herself.