Gamer Gear

I'm pretty sure just about every gamer has a "uniform" that they wear when they're playing games. Mostly this consists of the token black t-shirt with some type of heavy silkscreen. Some gamer's have specific shirts that they wear when playing a certain army/faction or game. Some gamer's go out of their way to "cos-play" their character or just create a special costume. 

Well I'm not really that different. For our gaming group we wanted to do something different than t-shirts, so after some discussion we decided on motorcycle style patches. My vest has the club name and my store on the back. On the front, is my forum name and club title. 

I also have made a pin for my faction of choice and a pin denoting my status as a Wyrd Henchman. These were made the same was as I made my spell effect tokens. Shrinky-Dink paper is an amazing thing. I purchased the pin backs at the craft store and attached them to the back with a bit of gorilla glue. 

Added to my typical outfit are a hooded Resurectionist sweatshirt that I had custom embroidered (as well as a matching knit hat) for the winter months. During the summer I have multiple Twilight Emporium shirts that I screened myself. 

After attending the Steampunk Expo I decided that I needed a tophat and some goggles. Rather than pay a significant amount for a pair at the con, I did some research and found that the majority of them are nothing more than welder's goggles with some leather modifications. I've picked up the materials to make them myself and will post more photos once I begin the construction process.

Of course no discussion of gaming gear would be complete without a discussion of bags. Transporting your models, cards etc. is one thing that every gamer has to deal with. I own several of the Sabol Army Transports and have been very happy with them. I use the Motor Pool to transport my 40K armies, it seems to be just the right size to fit most everything I need at a given time. Battlefoam makes a nice troop tray that fits 40 standard size models. Getting two of them I was able to increase the capacity of the bag significantly, it's nice that they'll cut custom text into the tray as well. Currently my "original" Army Transport houses my Malifaux models. I've stuck with 2.5" pluck foam that allow all the models to stand up. On the top I had a custom patch embroidered with my faction symbol. I've also made multiple pins that adorn the outside of the case. For Magic the Gathering I used an Ultra-pro case adorned with pins I've found featuring some of my favorite cards. I also was fortunate enough to get a great deal on the 5th Editon 40K Rules that included a "Bolter Round" ammo case. This is just the right size to house my Necromunda gang. 

I'm a huge fan of custom swag and think it adds to the hobby.