Snowed In

I had to cancel my regular Malifaux night due to the 5 inches of snow that got dumped on Metro-Detroit yesterday. Luckily, my good friend Chuck (paperbag4) has a truck so he came over to play some 40k.

We played a 1500 point Capture & Control mission. He ran a mechanized Imperial Guard army, lots of tanks and veteran squad as troop choices. I used Space Marines, trying out a list that featured the Landraider Achilles, Master of the Forge on a bike, three Tactical Squads with Razorbacks and a total of 6 Lascannons.

The game was a draw on turn 7. I was really concerned about facing that many tanks, but after playing out the game it wasn't that bad of a match-up. The veteran squads were really difficult to deal with given the amount of special weapons they can safely shoot from the top of a Chimera.

After the game we tried out Cthulu Dice, which turns out to be a very fun version of LCR that allows you to target specific opponents. Played a dozen or so games in under an hour and enjoyed the randomness of the game.