Around the Web

I wanted to take some time to talk about some recent happenings on the web. These are just cool new finds I've recently come across or sites that I've been asked to talk about. 

First up is the new official Malifaux site. This is a really nicer designed site that is reminiscent of an old newspaper. I like how the product descriptions are set up like news stories and there's a pretty decent amount of information about crews and potential uses of models.

Not to come off as a total fanboy but this is probably the best integration of world/story with product I've seen for a tabletop site. It's also great to see a city map and other downloads collected in one place. My only issue is that some of the links go back to the forum for the downloads rather than directly downloading.

Next, I was asked to take a look at the Pull My Finger Project this is an ambitious community project with the goal of creating a comprehensive collection of tactics for Malifaux. So far they've collected a decent amount of articles but are in need of help to finish it up. While I think this is a neat idea, the inherent problem with any "tactics" articles are that they encourage a single-minded style of play rather than encouraging players to experiment and learn on their own. Of course for new players it's helpful for them to be aware of the common tricks and tactics however I would discourage them from thinking these tactics are the only way to play certain models. The project has some lofty goals and I wish them the best of luck.

Lastly my friend Breadcrab has started an immensely humorous thread on the Wyrd Forums. It's essentially a blog about him teaching himself to paint. The off beat references are great as well as the general tone of his writing. Check out The Ballad of the Midnight Painter.

I've also noticed an increase in Malifaux blogs as of late, which is really great and some of them are providing great content well worth making part of your regular reading.

Max Von Deadlock's Miniature Madness - Great site that covers several games. Good battle reports and great painting 

Tales From the Warzone - Pretty comprehensive site that covers a ton of systems with regular updates.

The Dead Tau Project - Regularly updated site that ties into the Gamers Lounge Podcast.

And while this isn't really recent I did just stumble upon a great tutorial from Dark Templar about working with resin bases. Well worth the read especially if you're looking at picking up bases from a small shop.

These are just a few of my more recent finds.