Let's go to Hell.

Hell Dorado – I've always had and interest in this game as the models are amazing. I never really pursued getting any of them because the game was French (and we all know the track record for French games and their limited shelf life) and had no plans to be released in English. The game was picked up by Cipher Studios and is being released in English now. Currently there are quick start rules available on their site as well as downloadable cards. My local store just got in the starter boxes and they seem to be fairly popular. I guess a full rule book is due out later this year.

My friend Ben, was kind enough to run a demo of the game for me earlier this week. My initial thoughts are very positive. The combat system seems different and fun. Basically you never get to roll more than 5 dice depending on your combat stat, to hit you need to roll equal or higher than the opponents defense stat. If your combat is higher than 5 you re-roll misses. The number of hits references a chart and determines damage which is tracked on the models card. If a model has protection that is subtracted from the damage. Movement is pretty basic with models being able to move twice, move and do something else or move twice and attack with a penalty. 

The initiative system is also interesting as it's based on a combination of your leadership and number of models. Activations are alternating, so I go with one than you go with one. If you have less models you can pass so as to avoid being being out activated by swarms etc.

Your leader also has command which can be used to ignore some effects, companion a model, or add up to 2 dice to a combat. This is similar to the focus mechanic in Warmachine, but a bit more forgiving as you apply it when needed not at the start of the turn.

Overall I find it to be an intriguing game deserving of more attention. I will definitely be picking up at least a starter box or two. I'm not sure I see this as a primary game but more of a change of pace game to keep your primary from becoming stale.