Movie Review – Doghouse

The other night I had the pleasure of watching Doghouse on DVD. This is a really fun movie, basically Dawn of the Dead meets Very Bad Things and The Hangover. It's a British independent film so that needs to be taken into consideration when reviewing the film. The special effects were pretty standard, however the costumes and character of each of the zombie/mutants or "zombirds" as referred to in the film were really memorable.

The plot finds a group of guys going off for a weekend of fun to cheer up their buddy who's getting divorced. As it opens each of the character's significant others is shown pissed off and screaming at them as they leave the house, hence the title of the film. 

When they arrive at the dead end village in the middle of nowhere, things seem to be amiss. From their hilarity ensues and the movie doesn't really let up. Even the cliche end where the main character finds himself is funny.

I'd highly recommend this to any fans of horror or british dark comedy. Not quite Shawn of the Dead, but pretty close.