Summer Movies

So far this summer I've been to see a new "Blockbuster" every month. Some have been great others no so much. To the most out of the experience I prefer to go the Saturday morning/afternoon the day after the film opens. Not only does this save some cash but there seem to be less people so the experience is less likely to be ruined by some d-bag high school kids.

Also unless I really like a movie never pay for 3D most of the time it does nothing to add to the film and is just a means to squeeze a couple more bucks into the box office gross.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides – Good movie, loosely follows the book of the same name. I'm glad they moved in a new direction replacing most of the supporting cast it allows for the film to feel fresh even though many of the same ploys are used throughout. "Oh is Jack gonna be a "good guy" this time or a shifty pirate?" You already know the answer but the franchise remains fun.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon – Way better than the second film which was full of to many explosions and junior high humor. This film actually does a decent job setting up it's premise and remains action packed. Of course it is a Micheal Bay film so all the bullshit people hate about him remains but, this is a fun summer movie about giant robots that turn into cars. Shockwave was really cool in this one.

Captain America: The First Avenger – Best movie I've seen all summer, honestly there wasn't a single thing that I had issue with. Even the hoaky patriotism tugged at my heart strings. I'm not going to say anything more than you need to see this movie.

X-Men: First Class – Fun period piece proves you don't have to be true to continuity to make a good comic book movie. This is one of my favorites, sure most of the powers suck but this is well done movie. Even if it does feel a bit rushed in some parts.

Crap I'm waiting for DVD:

Green Lantern – Sorry never was a huge fan and after the panning it got following it's opening I decided to wait for Netflix.

Harry Potter and the Crappy Snake Faced Wizard – Was a fan of the books lost interest in the movies after the third one, and given it had the biggest drop in box office history I'm sure this is one only diehards will love.

Thor – Again not a huge fan of the God of Thunder, excited for the Avengers sure, but Thor is just kinda lame in my opinion. I've heard good things about the film but can wait 'til the fall for the DVD.

Coming Soon
Cowboys and Aliens – Looking forward to this even though it may be a huge disappointment (Crystal Skull anybody?).

Smurfs – Scotty Smurf really? WTF.