Tear Down the Walls - Relic Knights First Game

Relic Knights – I took my ghetto fabulous paper proxies out for a test drive last week and got in a really quick demo game of Relic Knights using the Beta Rules

First thing I didn't realize when setting up the game how imbalanced the starter sets are. When I made my proxies I did pogs for each of the models indicated in the starter set. Apparently that doesn't accurately translate into point costs in game (note to self reading is fundamental and math is hard). So take this with a grain of salt.

For the game we set up the Black Diamond Starter against the Cerci Speed Circuit Starter. Upon flipping the mission we had to play Tear Down the Walls with me as the attacker. What happened next is humorous when you realize that the Black Diamond has almost double the points as the Speed Circuit.

We deploy using the rules in the book so my opponent place a model then I place a model at least 9" away and repeat until everything is deployed. I set up my models so they can all see the objective from their starting positions. In my dash board I have Trooper, Trooper, One-shot, Trooper. My first activation I have zero purple cards so I discard my hand to gain esper on the trooper. My opponent zooms in a bashes a trooper which draws me cards.

Now having a mitt full of purple I activate my second trooper and shoot the objective. Because of One-shot's cadre ability I do 10 points of damage to the objective (only 40 more to go). When One-shot activates she does a super shot which is 13 point of damage. I wind up just rotating the troopers and One-shot in my dashboard destroying the objective after 6 activations. 

My impressions are this game is crazy fun. The starter boxes have a huge disparity in points per box. Once the game comes out you're not going to be able to fairly run starter box events, which is a bit of a bummer but good to know before people are spending their cash on models.

Second Terrain placement is huge you really can't leave any clear firing lanes to the center objectives otherwise a ranged list just owns this mission. (Which I guess makes sense if you consider it to be a siege)

I'm looking forward to playing another game of this with the points balanced out properly.