GauntletCON 2012

This weekend my local store is running the first annual GauntletCON. This is pretty cool idea they came up with the showcase what the products the sell are all about and to drive intereest in the community. Essentially they have people coming in from 9am-5pm Sunday November 11th to run demos for all the games they sell. This is also a mini comic con type event as they sell comics as well.

I'll be there running Malifaux demos and the store will have special discounts on all product they sell during the con so it's worth stopping by to check it out. 

For more details check out their website and/or facebook page.

Gauntlet Con seems to have been a success. I was pretty happy with the amount of people requesting demos of Malifaux. I had a prime location near the counter so anyone buying anything stopped to take a look at the board and promo stuff I brought.