Mechanically Inclined

Rogue Trader – I'm continuing my quest to build up a rogues gallery of models to use in the Rogue Trader RPG I'm running. I found some unique models to represent Tech Priests and Explorators in the Iron Brotherhood line from Microarts Studios. Shipping was pretty quick considering they're coming from Poland, and the models arrived well packed in a sturdy box.

Opening them up the models had a fair amount of flash and getting the arms to fit was tricky. However getting things from a small boutique shop it's to be expected to have some extra clean up. On the tracked model which was resin there are a few minor bubbles that I should be able to fill of minimize their appearance. The metal models are pretty crisp with good detail. The remind me of better quality early Citadel minis. Minor gripe about the arms on the models with rifles, the ball joints don't line up and require a bit of bending to get a solid join. 

Not content with the look of most of the minis straight of of the box I'm doing some conversion work to make them fit with the look I'm trying to achieve. I'm most exciting about the tracked unit as I have been meaning to create a heavy weapons trooper for my team of adventurers. Going through my bitz box I was able to find some Tau gattling guns which I mounted to either arm. I added some pieces from the Cities of Death models to build a generator unit on the back and will add some cabling to tie it into the guns. I figure creating a generic looking gun mount will allow it to be flexible and count as whatever the team decides it needs at the moment.

The basic troopers with rifles are great out of the box. Aside from the minor issue with the arms I just had to pin them to the base and clean some minor mold lines. I think these will count as Tech Guard or generic Explorators

The other models came with some oddly shaped mechanical arms. I'm not really feeling them and am in search of some bitz to give each of these models more character. I feel one of them at least needs a servo arm and or Mechandrites.