Sixth Edition – Is it worth it?

Warhammer 40K – It's that time once again when GW rolls out a new rule set for Warhammer 40,000. I haven't really been playing the game often so I'm not overly excited about this and looking at the latest rumors the cost of the new book has significantly increased. ($70+ for a core rule book ... really?) Given the quantities I assume they print this book at for worldwide release I'd love to know how they fail to get the cost down to something more reasonable. Rather then digress into a diatribe about GW's pricing policies I'll try and stay on track.

I really enjoyed the 5th edition rules, I found them to be simple and clear cut. That said I think I played maybe 30 games in total over the course of the four years the edition was out. So while I love the 40K universe and am very attached to my armies (which I will finish someday) I'm just not as excited about this release as others are.

The rumours about the psychic disciplines and other similarities to the latest edition of fantasy seem like they could be interesting if done right. I think I'll wait until the actual product is out and reviewed before I jump back on this bandwagon again.