Movie Review – The Woman in Black

Last night I finally got around to watching The Woman in Black. This made its way to the top of my Netflix que and sat around for almost a week before I had time to watch the film. I had high hopes as it's a Hammer Film and I typically like their films.

The setting is really great and provided me with some ideas to use in future Malifaux terrain projects. I really like the idea of a mansion out on a road that is under water for a good portion of the day. The overgrown cemetaries and buildings are full of character and interesting shapes. 

I found the creepy dolls and toys in the nursery particularly interesting and might use something similar in a Nightmare based terrain set.

The story was a decent ghost story with a few interesting twists. The pacing was a bit slow in parts and if you weren't paying close attention some visual cues get missed and the story will feel disjointed. (Which i think is intentional)

Overall The Woman in Black is worth a watch if you like period films or a good ghost story without a ton of gore. I don't feel compelled to own this or watch it again, however if it happens to be on TV when I'm painting I might leave it on.