In the Spirit World

I've decided to play each of the Resurectionist masters for several games in a row during the Dead Heat campaign to give each of them a chance to shine.

Given the stormy terrible weather and being slightly grumpy from being soaked, I decided to run Kirai. (nothing like matching the mood of your master, insert brooding sad face.) I was bit nervous as my opponent wanted to play a quick 25 stone game and Kirai is a little light on hitting power at that level. (unless the cards go your way).

Using the my Hell Dorado: Blood Falls board we decided to play a game in the Mines, and flipped Alone in the Dark (models that fail morale duels are killed). The strategy was Shared: Slaughter (sigh ... ). I announced Assassinate and Kirai's Master Specific. 

My List:


(5) Seishin


Spirit of Lost Love

Dave's List:


Convict Gunslinger

(2) Ice Gamin

Sabertooth Cerebus

Essence of Power

I won the initiative first turn and moved up a Seishin (repeat until he's done activating). Activating Kirai I cast in the Spirit World to move to a Seishin, then Swiriling Spirits the Shikome right in front of Rasputina (her prey). The Shikome activates and beats on Rasputina, causing him to burn through most of his stones trying to stop the damage. 

Turn two he wins the initiative and uses Raputina to take the Shikome down to 2 wounds (I hate overpower BTW), burning through the last of his stones in the process. I activate Kirai and Summon Ikyro, and another Shikome. Rasputina gets eliminated and the Cerebus eats a Seishin.

Turn three the gunslinger kills the wounded Shikome, and gets wounded by Ikyro. The other Shikome eats an Ice Gamin and Kirai heals up (with the help of the Spirit of Lost Love). 

I forgot to take notes on the last two turns but it came down to Kirai, Lost Love, (2) Seishin and another summoned Shikome versus the Gunslinger.  Once the Gunslinger was down to a single wound Kirai spirit worlded in a cut him down with the hedge clippers.

The game was pretty fun and Dave was pretty surprised at how mobile Kirai is. I got lucky drawing a decent Mask each turn as well as a Crow. In games where that doesn't happen it's unlikely that Kirai will be swooshing around the board as much or getting off the summons she needs.