Just Kicking It - Backing something cool

Relic Knights - While I'm not a huge fan of Anime, I do appreciate some aspects of the genre as a whole. I'll occasionally que up what ever the current title or series is available on Netflix instant que to have on while I'm painting. Inevitably it gets distracting as I have to watch more than I paint as the dialog is far less interesting than the visuals.

Currently on Sodapop Miniatures is running a Kickstarter campaign to release the Relic Knights line in plastic. While I've watched various projects go up and get funded I have always been on the fence about buying something before it's made. This time I decided to not miss the boat on all the bonus freebies and back the project.

From the gameplay videos I've seen the game is very fast paced and uses a card system to "pay" for attacks and blocks. This is very different then anything else I've played and I think it could be fun. The models are gorgeous and for the price of a single resin Relic Knight model you can have a full faction, for a little more you get two plus a book and tons of bonuses. If you haven't checked it out yet I suggest you do soon, there's less than 16 days left on the project.