The Law in Miniature ... First Impressions

Judge Dredd Block War – While I didn't participate in the Kickstarter for the Judge Dredd Mini game (Essentially it seemed to be almost retail for the rewards) I did recently find a good deal for some of the box sets on ebay. After looking over the free rule set, I realized that for the most part you'd be able to use Necromunda figures to represent the street gangs and some of the other options. I haven't played through the intro scenario yet but on the surface it seems to be similar to Necromunda but using a D10 with modifiers which should allow for a more varied experience. Once I have time to play a few games I'll post up a more detailed review of the system.

In the mean time here are some shots of what comes in the Justice Department box set and the Holocaust Judges box set. Both of these sets contain Judges which are very specific to the Judge Dredd universe (most of the other models in the range are easily replaceable with similar scale models) and are really a must have to play a game to feel like the comic. 

The Justice Department box comes with three Street Judges, one Psi-Judge, two Riot Judges, a Tech Judge and a Medic. The models feel very similar to the old Necromunda sculpts, chunky oddly proportioned and slightly cartoony. Some people might have a problem with this as it does look slightly dated, I however like the look and feel of the models. Something about them feels nostalgic and I like that they match up well with other models I own. 

The quality of the sculpts is pretty good. There is a ton of flash and mold lines that will need to be removed. You're probably going to want to have a file on hand as the vent spots have a pretty sizable attachment point. The models also seem to have a good solid coat of mold release on them which means a dish soap bath and scrub is a must before attempting to assemble or paint. Not that there's much in the way of assembly as these are all one piece sculpts.

The Holocaust Judges come with three heavily armored Judges. I think I'm going to mount these to 40mm bases rather than the 30mm that they came with. The models are very bulky and hang over the base pretty significantly if left on 30mm. The flash isn't as severe on these sculpts but you do have quite a few pieces to clean and assemble.