Super Munchkin ... Quick Review

Review – Last night I had a chance to play a game of Super Munchkin. For those familiar with the myriad of versions out their the game play is essentially the same. Kick in the door fight what pops out, gain a level, collect loot. Try and get to level 10 before anybody else.

What makes this version fun is all the ridiculous jibs and jabs it throws at the super hero mythos. Crazy powers like Stunning Cleavage and gear ranging from Evil Detectors to Boots the Shoot are quite funny the first few times you play through. 

I believe my friend also had one of the expansions that adds origins to the mix. These allow you to gain more powers than your current level and are hilarious. Last night I had a fat flying alien who gained his powers from dropping the toaster in the bathtub. (later in the game he had a sex change...) 

Most of the fun comes from the crazy combinations that you wind up with over the course of the game. There's a little strategy when it comes to helping your fellow heroes and negotiating the rewards as well as when to play "screw your neighbor" cards to mess with the combat. Other than that this is a pretty mindless game. Fun yes, deeply strategic ... no. I can see playing this every once in a while but not as a go to game.

I feel like all the Munchkin properties get old fairly quickly after you've seen all the jokes. The game play is fun and easy to teach anyone to play which is why it's been so successful. However the speed at which the game gets stale necessitates the dearth of expansions and settings. If you only play once in a while this is a 4 star game ... if you group insists on playing this all the time it quickly deteriates to a 2 or 3 star game.