On the painting table ... Gremlins

Malifaux – I realized I have several boxes of Gremlins sitting around that I wanted to paint. Every now and then I need a distraction from my main project to keep my eyes fresh and avoid getting bored painting the same thing over and over again. I really have no interest in playing gremlins but the models are cool looking. 

I'm going to try and assembly line these since they share quite a few colors and the process worked well for the Guild models I've done recently. I'm using the skull bases I made up for Hell Dorado, I used one on a undead crab I painted a while back and they made a passable swamp, so we'll see if we can get the same effect with the Gremlin Hillbillies. 

Most of the sculpts are easy to assemble being a single piece sculpt or just needing to add the arms. The warpig is a pain to get together, there's not an obvious spot to mount the gremlin on its back so finding the right attachment point was a bit annoying. Also the head doesn't seem to fit perfectly in place and I'm going to have to do some greenstuff sculpting to fill the gaps. The amount of flash is pretty reasonable only existing around the fingers and slim elements so it was easy to clean them up.

After pinning the models to the bases I used a grey primer. I was contemplating using a rusty red to save some time on painting the earthy elements, but since I've decided to paint the coats dark grey and black. I figure for Sommerteeth he probably looted his cloths from a Guardsman. With Ophelia's clan I'm going to mimic the color scheme of a recent Ortega commission. 

I haven't decided if I want to hold onto these models once I'm done with them or sell them off to a collector. I personally never felt much of an attachment to the Gremlin models other than finding them fun and having a desire to paint them up as the models are really cool.