Commander and Planechase - Like Peanutbutter and Jelly

Magic the Gathering – Lately we've been using a community planar deck for our weekly games of commander; we do things a little differently: all the planes are in a pile in the middle, during a players turn they get one free roll of the planar die and they can pay (1) mana to roll again at sorcery speed. We've found this speeds up getting of "bad" planes and make the game more interesting.

Last night we were six turns into a game in which I was piloting my Mimeoplasm Deck against a Sliver Queen and Venser all artifact deck. Everyone else had a bit of a slow start where I hit all my land drops and was able to bring in some mana rocks to accelerate my game. On turns 4 and five I drew into Traumatize followed by Consuming Aberration. I cast the Traumatize on the Venser player milling away about 44 cards. The sliver player rolls and we planeswalk to Immersturm. The turn passes to me and I cast the Consuming Aberration taking out the Sliver player because of the plane ability, I roll the dice and trigger the chaos ability to blink the Aberration and take out the other player. Utterly insane all because of the plane we happened to be on. 

If you haven't played commander using a Planechase deck I highly recommend it, especially if you like having an element of randomness inserted into your games.