Boned - A Reaper Review

I recently took some time to assemble my Cthulu and Undead Dragon from the BONES kickstarter. I'm really impressed with how easy these models went together. The pegs only fit in the correct hole and fit snuggly enough I was able to put them together without glue or tack. This was a pretty impressive feat as I was even able to move them around a little bit unglued.

After dry fitting them together I used some Gorilla Glue in the sockets and put them together permanently. Note plastic cement will not work on BONES you have to use regular crazy glue. Also with the BONES material you can't prime the models, just wash them off with soap and water and then start painting. It's weird I know but most spray primers will never dry because of some chemical reaction.

There was no flash and very little in the way of mold lines. The material is a bit rubbery so you have to use a very sharp fresh blade to scrape them off. 

Overall I'm impressed with the huge figures I picked up and now I need to figure out what I want to do with them. I was thinking maybe having a monster attack Mega City One or have a beastie rampaging through Malifaux...

The Possibilities are endless I suppose.