MTG Cube - My first draft (well sealed actually)

Magic the Gathering – I was able to put together the first draft of my Magic the Gathering Cube. After doing some searching i was able to find a vendor that sold bulk packs of Ultra Pro purple sleeves. I went with these as the color is unique in my group and purple ties in with my whole color scheme for the designs I've been working on for the box. 

The plastic box that I bought to house my cube doesn't actually fit sleeved cards. So I broke down and bought a Holiday Gift box. I'm not a fan of the art on the box so I'll probably paint or reskin it with something more unique. But for the time being it works to hold my stuff. (I might need to talk to my grandfather about building a wood box ...)

I'm not sure that posting the complete list of cards makes sense (ir rather I'm not sure I want to retype 1,000+ card names) so I'm going to keep this to the basics for the time being.

My last game night I had three players that were interested in trying sealed deck using the cube. So se shuffled the cards up and dealt out packs of 15 cards. Each player chose six packs and then went off to build their deck.

My pool was pretty solid in green, white and black so I tried my hand at doing a three color deck. I had plenty of mana fixers in green and a few special lands that tap for mulitple colors. My big bomb was Tesa, Envoy of Ghosts, after some set up I was able to reuse Civic Wayfinder and Unburial Rites to ramp in all three games we played and I could hard cast most of my big threats. Of course in the first two games the player that got an early Slith Ascendent and Darksteel Plate on the board ran away with it.

After talking about the pool of cards we saw in the first draft of the cube everyone seems to be pretty happy with it. I need to try it with a larger group to see how it fairs with more of the cards being used but as of right now I found a use and home for all the cards I'm not using in regular decks.