White Scars Vs Knights and Astra Militarum

Warhammer 40,000 – I've been wanting to try something new with my Space Marines, usually I run Iron Hands for the Feel No Pain and the fact that they fit with my preference to run Tech Marine HQ's. I've come to realize that I can't really roll 6+ saves. With the new Kauyon supplement I'm feeling the need to run White Scars or Raven Guard. My buddy just bought three Imperial Knights and wanted to try them out. Knowing that I'll be facing three super heavies I crafted what I think is a subtly nasty list.

Twilight Ravens (White Scars Chapter Tactics)

HQ – Chapter Master (Artificer Armor, Bike, Storm Sheild, Thunder Hammer)

Troop – Bike Squad (4x Bikes, 2x Grav Gun, 1x Power Glaive)

Troop – Bike Squad (3x Bikes, 2x Grav Gun, 1x Power Sword)

Troop – Scout Squad (5X Shotguns, Landspeeder Storm)

Fast – Landspeeder Squadron (2x Multimelta, 2x Assault Cannon)

Fast – Drop Pod

Fast – Drop Pod

Heavy – Centurion (3x Grav Cannnon, Hurricane Bolter)

Heavy – Centurion (3x Grav Cannon, Missle Launcher)

Heavy – Fire Raptor (Belly Autocannon) 

I rolled the Warlord Trait for the +1 to my Jink Save and was feeling good about my odds. The mission was Maelstrom #3, where you get a card for every objective you hold at the beginning of your turn. I was feeling pretty good until I failed to Seize the Initiative. A flurry of fire removed one of my bike squads from the table because I couldn't roll a single 3+ jink save. My turn saw the Centurions drop in front of the Baron Knight and remove a few hull points. My Chapter Master charged in and got squished with his squad. Things were looking grim.

Turn Two saw his Vendetta arrive and claim Objective 5, his Knights claimed 1, 3 and 6, which means I'm down on cards from the get go. My reserves show up and are able to eliminate his Baron Knight but I fail to hold any objectives.

The game continued back and forth like this until the bottom of the fourth turn when he had two knights each with 3 hull points left facing off against the Fire Raptor. The mysterious objectives gave them skyfire so the avenger cannons tore my plane out of the sky. Final score 15-1.

I feel like my list was really solid I just played it wrong. Facing three Knights is tough but I think if I deployed smarter I could have lived long enough to so something.