On the painting table ... Kingdom Death: Monster

Kingdom Death – After having a few play sessions of this game I've decided to focus on getting the core monsters and survivors painted up. Initially I started with a grey base for the face cobblestone/gravel bases I made. After seeing them on the board I decided that I needed to match the color of the board. I mixed up a really dark brown color and repainted all the bases. From there I worked up the highlights to match the sepia tone of the game board. I'm really happy with how much better these match the game board.

I also got base coats down on the monsters so we're not playing with bare plastic. They are going to need more work before I'm happy with them but for now they are passable.

With Halloween Clearance Sales I was able to find a really cool lantern that I plan on trying to build a dice tower out of. I saw a really cool one on youtube that I want to mimic. I've never done wiring before so I'm going to learn something new with this project.

I have a bunch of flickering LED's left over from the Flickering Flame Tokens (they don't seem to be selling as well as the used to, not really sure if Malifaux still uses them or not) so I'll need to find a battery pack, switches, mdf and some pipe. I'll also need to figure out what to do with the glass. I was considering making faux mercury glass but it might be fun to do something with the face pattern that runs throughout the game.