End of the Line ... well not really

Terrain Making – Just a short update today, I realize these posts are starting to get a little repetitive, but bear with me. I've gotten the three end rooms painted and assembled for this project. Painting and assembly is the same as the rest of the project which you can read more about here.

The unique thing about these rooms is they fit flush with the corridors and give a natural end to a run of the straight sections. You'll need some of these or some end caps in order to build anything other than a round-about of corridors so I'm glad my pledge included a few of them. Just like with the side rooms they're going to need some scatter terrain to give each room a purpose. I'm thinking of numbering the doors to match up with the objectives for 40K Maelstrom Missions it would make it easy to set up objectives 1-6. 

I think I'm about half-way through the interior pieces, next up is two-side rooms and maybe I'll get fancy and do the 4-way junctions as well.