XYZ 3D Printer ... Dumpster Printing

Terrain Making – A while back a friend was kind enough to gift me a 3D Printer, up until recently I haven't had time to really do much more with it than take it out of the box. (Initially the issue was my old ass Mac wouldn't run the software which turned into not having time to mess with it). Last weekend I finally got it up and running and downloaded a few designs from to try printing.

The first thing I tried was a tray for Small World Race Cards, it looked simple and I figured it would be a breeze to print out. The design was great and it only took about an hour to print out which wasn't to bad. There does seem to be quite a bit of texture on the outside of the box that I'm not sure if that was part of the design or is just the nature of my printer. I was told I could do a "vapor bath" of acetone to smooth it out, so as soon as I find a nice metal airtight container (wonder if coffee cans are still a thing?) I'm going to try it out.

The next object I decided to try was a dumpster. This came up when I did a search for Infinity stuff so I figured the scale would be correct. After a little over two hours the piece was finished and looks pretty cool. Again the texture is an issue that I need to look into.

My next step is to try my hand at digitally sculpting some of my own ideas and trying to print them out. A friend suggested a pretty cool freeware program from AutoCad called 1,2,3D. I'll post up more about my experiences with that after I have some time to test it out.