CH-CH-CH-Changes ... Looking for a Good Blog Roll

I've decided to not be a member of the Bell of Lost Souls Blog Alliance any longer. With recent changes to how they do their blog roll it no longer is a benefit to be part of the roll. This is unfortunate as I believe they've done quite a bit to support the hobby and provide a decent site to read about rumours and tactics. 

Currently the bit of code the have you insert as part of the agreement for being on the blog roll actually just links back to a page the doesn't even feature the blog roll. In fact the only place I've found it appears is on the front page and that only consists of 5-10 entries which are "randomly" chosen each day. You can never view the compete list.

I reached out to the admin when I realized I was no longer getting any traffic from BOLS to see what happened. He informed me that the roll was to large and was causing the site to load to slowly which is why they made the change. I understand and for a site that makes money through advertising load times matter. Unfortunately that change has virtually eliminated any benefit for belonging to the blog roll and by posting their bit of code is only driving traffic back to their site without reciprocating. Which is pretty lame.

If you currently have BOLS Feed informer on your site I encourage you to check your traffic and see if you're getting any benefit from increasing their click backs.