Beware Ninjas

Ninja All-stars – I recently received a big package from Soda Pop Miniatures containing the backer rewards for their Ninja All-stars Kickstarter. Since they've taken over running their own Kickstarters everything seems to be delivering on time or at least really close. Makes me wonder who was at fault for the Relic Knights debacle (Really a shame because it's a great game with a fun system and background that got the shaft because of the way the Kickstarter went)

The production values are top notch as most Sodapop products are, nice glossy colorful art., well detailed fun sculpts, good quality cardstock for the board and tokens. The cards themselves are a little on the wimpy side, but most people will sleeve them so it's not a big deal.

The bummer on the box is there is zero box management. I understand why, if you invested heavily in the game the factions won't all fit in the box so you probably wouldn't use it anyway. I also imagine those inserts would add cost to the product that might not be valuable to most people. It's easily solved with a box from Home Depot and some pluck foam so the complaint is minor.

I haven't had a chance to play through the game but the rules are simple enough. When you attack you roll a number of dice and your opponent rolls their number and you match up symbols. Fire cancels water and so forth, once you've done that the player with the most dice left can choose to activate a symbol and do the effect. The book has several missions and can support up to four players. One off games shold be able to be played in about and hour.

The more intriquing aspect of the game is a full blown league system. This allows you to run a full tournement of champions to improve throughout the leage and make your team unique. I haven't gon in depth on this part yet but it seems like it could scratch a few itches for some players.

Once I get some play throughs I'll post more thoughts. I'm looking forward to getting some paint on these as soon as I have space on my table.