WIP AVP (How Many Acronyms Can I Fit in This?)

Alien vs Predator – As a kid I was a huge fan of both of these franchises. I had my grandfather build me a pulse rifle out of wood so I could run around pretending to blast Xenomorphs. I bought the Bug Hunt Corridoors because I always wanted to play out the scenes on LV426. My wife picked up the Alien Archive book which I've been referencing along with the blue ray disks to make my terrain look great and be close to the movie. So I guess you could say I'm a fan. (My boys recently snatched some of the action figures off my bookshelf and have been playing with them, they also grabbed the predators I have the cracked tusk, scavenge and stealth mode mail order versions.)

Anyway that was going around the world to get to my point. One of my clients just gave me the AVP miniature game starter box to paint. Let's just say I'm pretty excited. I passed on the game initially because it seemed to similar to some other games that I already own and don't get to play enough. (Although looking at this I might need to rethink that).

The box comes with three predators, five colonial marines and a bunch of Aliens. They're unfortunately not hard plastic but more in line with that restic material or GW's finecast. The quality of the models is very good although they feel a bit small probably just because I've been painting mostly "Heroic Scale" GW models as of late. They're comparable to the better Relic Knight models and thin like the Malifaux plastics.

I based these on deck plate round lipped bases and used gorilla glue gel to assemble them. This has become my go-to glue for resin or resin plastic models. It doesn't run, sticks quickly and it supposed to be rubberized to help prevent impact fractures. All in it took me about two hours to clean and assemble the whole box. Not to shabby considering the number of minis.