April Game Night

BATTLE REPORT: Warhammer 40,000 – A member of our gaming group is back in town for a few weeks and as such many of our members came out of the woodwork to hangout and play games. The general consensus was to play 40K so everyone brought a 750 point list and got paired up randomly. I didn't get the exact models in each list but it broke down to something like this:

Team A:

Carchadons with a Knight - Tyberous and five Lightning Claw Terminators, Scouts and Knight Gallant

Imperial Guard - Three Leman Russ, Commissar, Guardsmen

Tyranids - Two flying hive tyrants, two units of genestealers

Team B:

Chaos Marines - Belekor, two units of Chaos Marines

Impirial Guard - Tank Commander, Leman Russes, Chimeras with Vets and Sentinels

Ultramarines – Armoured Task force, Predator, two vindicator, Whirlwind, Thunderfire Cannon and Teach Marine on bike with conversion beamer.

We played Maelstrom and got in three turns before we started to lose interest. The game was a bit of a cluster as tends to be the case when you get more than four players. Some highlights from the game were:

•Knight Gallant took a multitude of hits early on and eventually exploded after smashing a rhino. 

• Scouts held their ground against Sentinels and Belekor long enough four the big guns to be brought to bear.

• Leman Russ sniping the front corner of a Chimera through three pieces of terrain (True LOS is dumb, laser pointers for the win)

• Tyberous and his crew coming in on the last turn we played (I think I'm done deep-striking Terminators) 

Team B won 5-4 on objectives when we called it. The general consensus was that 40k is best with fewer than 4 people regardless of the point level being played. Going forward if we have 5 or more than we'll be playing a board game, magic or something else that holds a bigger groups attention for longer.

To wrap up the night we brought out King of Tokyo and played a few quick games of that. The game is so simple yet so much fun it's always a good way to wrap up the night.