Angels of Death Supplement Review

Warhammer 40,000 – I love Space Marines. I can proudly say that the moment I decided to dump my Chaos army and focus solely on Space Marines back just before 5th Edition dropped was one of my smarter decisions. GW's poster boys have yet to disappoint. After 30 years they're still the best and to prove that point they release a homage to the original metal model in plastic with special rules. (I did own this guy in metal at one point but he was chaosified so when I dumped those years ago he disappeared with the rest of them.) Not only that but they also released a whole new book of formations, warlord traits and other useful items for the major codex chapters. (Annoying that a portion of the book was a reprint of the Kayoun stuff...)

If you play Space Marines of the Vanilla Variety then you need to own this book. Particularly if you like Iron Hands, Salamanders or the Imperial Fist Trio. Raven Guard and White Scars were covered in detail in the Kayoun book but if you want them in one place with extra stuff you need this book.

I have a feeling we're going to start to see more Iron Hands Marines on the table soon as this book clarifies they get "It Will Not Die" on ALL vehicles in their formation. Couple this with the new librarian powers that can give vehicles +1 Armor Value and you have the potential to have AV 15 Land Raiders with "It will not die." Now I need to dig out my Land Raider Achilles and ruin someone's day...