Warhammer 40K – I couldn't resist picking up the two new supplements for 40K that came out this month. As I'm preparing to run a campaign I figured there'd be some great content in here as well as some cool rules to add to the campaign.

Then I opened the shrink wrap.

Escalation is essentially Apocalypse Light. From what I can tell the stats are EXACTLY the same as what's in the apocalypse book. So if you already own that massive book you already own most of the rules in this one. Thanks GW I love not being able to read or even glance through something before I buy it. 

The book is the same quality of the rest of their releases with some nice art and a hard back binding. It also includes some modified versions of the standard missions that reflect both sides bringing a Lord of War.

I honestly regret this purchase.

Stronghold Assault is however a pretty decent supplement. It gives "updated" rules for the fortifications listed in the main book as well as presenting some new options. This is actually worthwhile as you can build/upgrade any of them to do exactly what you want.

This also includes some new missions which being back the attacker/defender set up similar to the old Planet Strike supplement. 

This is by far the more usable of the two books and the options presented will see tabletime with my group.