A Bug Problem

Warhammer 40,000 - Having tested my Black Crusade list against a Battle Company it was time to try my luck against an opponent of a completely different nature. Tyranids are a very different type of opponent and I was curious to see what my mishmash of Chaos could do against them.

Having been on the receiving end of a tough list when we last battled my opponent decided to bring a particularly nasty list with several flyrants, and some dimachaerons along with a bevy of other gribblies.

I opted to run the same list with raptors, cultists and a daemon allied force. Once again the morale tricks were going to be no use to me. (Sidenote: I really hope the next iteration of the game does something to make leadership relevant)

For our 2,000 point game we rolled off to see which altar of war chart we'd use and the tyranids won the roll. The mission had four objectives placed on the edges of the "enemy" deployment zone. The enemy set up in the middle portion of the board with the Tyranids dividing into three waves that come in randomly during the first three turns. Oddly the board set up I made had a walled base in the middle so it made perfect sense for the mission.

The first wave of tyranids saw Deathleaper and friends popping up right in the middle of my cultists. The rest of the wave consisted of a flyrant, dimachaeron and mawlock. Things were looking grim. Focusing fire I was able to take down one of the lictors before they started destroying the cultists.

The majority of the raptors came in the second turn. Focusing on the dimachaeron I was able to take it out while suffering heavy losses.

The daemonettes came in to back up the few remaining cultists and were able to take out several of the lictors but died to fire from the circling flyrants. Not having anti-air I couldn't do much against the flying monsters and they took apart my force with devourer shots.

When the third wave arrived they came in right behind my outflanking seekers who were decimated by the arriving horde.

This was a rough game. The higher initiative meant little when fighting the faster beasts and the amount of wounds I took made it hard to make any feel no pain saves. While I still like the idea behind my list I'm feeling the urge to try a renegade knight to give it a little punch. Dual avenger cannons would have been a huge help against the big beasties and a carapace gun might add a little anti-air. I'm going to give it a few more tries before making any adjustments. The other option is the Belekor model sitting in my case. I loath facing that guy but he might be an option if I want to up the threats for this list.