Unleash the Hounds of Hell – Khorne Fleshhounds


Warhammer 40,000 – There are few models more hideous that the metal Fleshhounds of Khorne. Even the new plastics that have been revealed aren’t my cup of tea. Something about the neck frills just doesn’t do it for me. And event though I think a Daemon Prince or Bloodthirster leading a pack of hounds would be cool and effective on the table the look of the models didn’t fit with my army so I never pursued it.

Sometime during Seventh Edition I played against a Khorne Daemonkin player in an event that had these amazing looking hounds. After defeating him soundly (I know right when do I ever win?) I complimented his army and asked where the hounds came from. He directed me to puppets war ad I immediately picked up a set.


I decided with my Daemons of Chaos that I would be keeping most of the units a fleshy color with some accent colors. With these I opted to accent with bone and blood. For the bases I stuck with a rusty deck grid to keep the look of them consistent