Furies or Furries ... Proxying a Conversion


Warhammer 40,000 – For the Escalation Event I plan on attending later this month I needed to add five Chaos Furies. The metal models are just gross, I never cared for them and used to use Dark Elf Harpies with my old Word Bearers force back in the 3.5/4th edition days. While the models weren't much better they fit the rest of my army. Sadly I sold that force off ages ago and haven't stopped kicking myself since. The problem at hand is I need five Furies to fill out my force for this event because Screamers don't fit when playing points (power level is just fine which is my preference at the moment ... but its not my event and 90% of tournaments will use points so whatever).

After doing some digging I came across the harpies from Raging Heroes, and of course they haven't been released to the public so that's out of the question. (I refuse to be gouged on ebay, I'm patient sometimes.) The next solution is to put Tyranid Gargoyle wings on Daemonttes, this would work and looks great, however I'm not convinced I'm ever going to run 10 of them so getting two separate kits to build one unit (again I refuse to be gouged on ebay, the bitz for Gargoyles sell for $3 less than I can buy a complete box), isn't really an option. My next choice was to use the new Wych Elves, but the model just went on preorder and they are on 40mm bases (way to big for some less than minor daemons). 

I settled on Reaper Bones, it's cheap, readily available and they make a bat daemon that will suit my needs. It's better looking than the Furies, a little big but it looks like a flying minor daemon. The bat look will tied in with my Night Lords and they "fit" on 25mm bases. If I like how these work I'll probably look into one of the above options and sell these off, but for my immediate need these will work.

With Reaper Bones you can't use primer, if you do it reacts with the bendy plastic and makes a sticky mess. Instead Reaper suggests just painting it with acrylic paint right out of the package. It feels so wrong but does work just fine. After the base coat drys it reacts to paint much like a primed model so painting is simple. To keep with the fleshy theme of my force I painted these like my Daemonettes and Screamers, pale flesh with purple horns/accents. The end result is just fine.