Necromunda: Cult of the Rusty Claw


Necromunda – Having played a few games with the gangs that came in the boxed set I decided it was time to branch out and experiment with the Genestealer Cult. I've always been a big fan and while I'm not using my Warhammer 40,000 Genestealer Cult until they get a new codex I can use the models I already own to build a pretty cool gang.


The White Dwarf rules don't give you access to a Purestrain Genestealer like the old Journal rules did. It's a little bit of a bummer, but it makes sense that the gangers are trying to lay low and the Purestrains are to valuable to waste time in squabbles over territory. 

I opted to include two Abberants and two Acolytes along with the Cult Adept and six Neophytes. (at the moment we're just playing the 1500 credit skirmish version of the game, once more gangs are updated we'll do a full on campaign). Not knowing how they were going to play I simply armed everyone as they were modeled for my 40K force. The rock saw and demo charges look cool so my hope was they'd work out in game.

Rather than play one of the book missions my Orlock opponent and I agreed to do a tunnel fight with our full gangs, 3 gang tactics cards and a two tile x four tile map.


The first game was pretty great for me. My acolyte with the demo charges managed to sneak up on my opponents entire gang as they bunched into a room after opening a door. The ensuing blast took 6 gangers out of action and seriously wounded two others. My opponent managed to last one more turn after the massive explosion before his gang bottled out. 


We then spun the tiles around and played the same game. This time around my opponent was much more cagey. After moving his gang up to the various doors he played a card at the beginning of the next round that opened all the doors. The ensuing bloodbath took out a significant portion of my gang due to scattershot and some lucky rolls. Amazingly one of the Abberants was to stupid to bottle and took several rounds to get surrounded and gunned down. 

I'm loving this game and can't wait to try some other builds for this list before the campaign.