3D Printed Terrain - Check this Out

Terrain – 3D printing is all the rage these days. There are some amazing designers selling stuff on Shapeways, super creative generous people that upload designs to thingiverse and a plethora of etsy shops that specialize in table top accessories. In fact there’s so much cool stuff out there it’s sometimes hard to cut through the clutter and find the best stuff.

I’ll often have people contact me through my site to do reviews or their products. If something is a decent quality or just simply amazing I’m happy to do a review. If something is pretty awful and it’s been given to me as a review copy I’ll just pass on doing a review. If I actually spent money on it and it sucks, trust me you’ll hear about it.

Anyway a few months ago Jose at funboardgames.etsy.com reached out to me about review/painting some of his products. Always happy to help I agreed and he sent over a huge box of cool stuff. I’m in the middle of some big projects at the moment so getting paint on these will take a little time but I didn’t want to sit on them for to long.

The products he sent over a printed with a filament printer so there is some minor banding that is typical of 3D printed pieces. I don’t mind it but it it bothers you a little light sanding should smooth it out easily.

I really like the chemical containers he sent over. These are a decent scale and will make good scatter terrain. The size is going to be easier to store than some of the MDF products that use pop cans and it’s less likely to dent. I have them pictured with a Space Marine Scout for scale. I’m planning on painting these to match my Necromunda terrain so some rust effects and metallics will look great on this terrain.

Jose also has some nice Star Wars themed products that look just fine i the Warhammer 40,000 setting as well as any other sci-fi property. He sent me a Communications Tower and Generator set that will fit on pretty much any terrain set as an objective or just simple line-of-site blocking terrain.

In that same galactic empire spanning vein there are some cool “space” shipping containers that would work in most sci-fi settings. With a variety of “alien” languages on them, these will work in the DC Universe game, Mantic’s Deadzone, a Tau space-port or any generic Star Wars dock. I like the size of them because they’re not overly huge but big enough to stack up and make an interesting table.

Gaslands was a big game for me last year. I got super excited about it and built a ton of cars and played a few games but then let it fall to the wayside because 8th Edition Warhammer 40,000 dominates almost all of my hobby time currently. I plan on getting back to the track and having some death-races as the year progresses and the HO scale shipping crates Jose provided me with will be perfect scatter terrain for my track. He also has some weapon sets that will look great on some cars I have planned to convert up. The cool thing about his weapon sets is they include turrets so you can use them as stand-alone pieces as well.

I’m pretty impressed with the quality of what Jose sent over and look forward to getting some paint on these ASAP.