The Adventurers: Temple of Chac

Board Games – Temple of Doom is by far my favorite Indiana Jones movie. It was the first one I saw in the theater and I still have my metal lunchbox that I got that year. Pulp adventures looting tombs, archeology and ridiculous characters make for a fun time in any story. The Adventures: Temple of Chac promises to deliver all of those things in a fun little game.

Full transparency I haven’t played the game, but after painting the models I think I might pick it up. Lately my family has been really enjoying Fireball Island and from the looks of it The Adventurers seems to share some common themes so I play on looking into it further.


The models for this little board game are amazing. The plastic is harder than most board games and the details are very sharp. Each one looks just like the comical drawings on the cards. My only issue with them is the base on each model is to small so they tend to tip over easily.