On A Mission ... Making Judge Dredd More Interesting

Judge Dredd – After a few multiplayer games of Judge Dredd I realized that we needed something added to the system to keep multiplayer games more interesting. Most of the missions in the book work best with two players, since we like to play big games with four or more people we needed a way to create missions that could accommodate that number of players.

My first thought was to write scenarios for (X) number of players. I abandoned that idea as it would get stale after a few games. Instead I looked at the 1.5 version of Malifaux which generated missions based on a card flip. This type of mission generation works pretty good in multiplayer games as it gives a player an individual goal and his/her opponents can try and stop that from being accomplished while still trying to accomplish their own goal. 

After some thought I created a small deck of cards with various missions on them, some harder than others. The idea is that each player will draw from the deck for their mission each game. If they can accomplish the mission they get a bonus payout for that game. I think this will encourage players to do more than just kill the juiciest target on the table. It also will help direct some of the action. If you want to try these cards out I uploaded a pdf here. This pdf is set up so you can print them double sided on cardstock.