Garage Sale! - Sweet Deals

Warmachine/Hordes – As I haven't played a single game of either system since 2009 I've decided that it's time to part with my Legion of Everblight Force. I hope that I'll find a buyer that appreciates all the hard work I put into the force and will buy it as a full lot. There are more photos in the gallery section.

I've added a "Buy it Now" button in the online store for the asking price of $650 shipped anywhere in the U.S. I've also added this to Bartertown to increase the exposure. I don't want to break it up as I feel this is ideal for a player looking to quickly get into the game with out having to assemble and paint a ton of models. If you have a reasonable offer please email me. Also I'll sell outside the U.S. but we'll have to negotiate shipping as it's going to be farily expensive.

I'm also clearing out the shelves to make room for new product check out the online store for more great deals including some unclaimed commissions, overstocked items and other great deals. I'll be adding more throughout the month so check back often.

These great deals end September 3, 2012 so don't wait.