Demo Board

Malifaux – I've been working on a 3' x 3' Malifaux board. I started with a 2" thick block of foam and pegged a 1"x4" board around the edges. This makes a durable yet lightweight table top that will fit on a standard size card table. Rather than just having one playing surface I made the board double sided. With the variety of locations you can wind up playing in Malifaux it makes sense to maximize space where ever you can.

One side of the board is a rocky dirt texture, this will work for most encounters by switching out the terrain used. The other side is a sewer. I think it could pass as the Quarantine Zone, Industrial Zone and the Downtown area depending on the terrain used.

The tricky part of doing any board with water effect is figuring out how to make it modular. I decided on making the brick platforms fixed with water running between them. For the walls I used 2" foam and cut multiple lengths all 5" high. This way the walls and bridges can be moved around so games don't get repetitive. 

The brick platforms were made by covering foam core with individually cut bricks. The process is tedious and time consuming but the effect is well worth the effort.

The water was created using caulk to create a texture. Once it's painted it will be covered with Envirotex water. The wall were covered with a brick texture wallpaper (which I can't find at the store anymore, if you know where I can get some email me). I cut the grates out of cardstock and create pipes with straws and a variety of cardboard tubes. The torches were made from a plastic tube and a christmas decoration. The bridges are foamcore cover with plastic mesh.

It's coming along nicely, next up is painting the walls. I'm also working on a commission of Lilith and 9 terror tots, seems like it could be  pretty nasty list to face.