Game Club: Paperbag Warriors

Welcome to the battle report section. My gaming group, the Paperbag Warriors, meets twice a week to play various games. Currently we're exploring Malifaux and in the midst of a Necromunda campaign. Depending on how long the games last we will play Magic in between sessions or to finish off the night. 

When I host game night I like to set up the terrain before hand. I prefer to do this for several reasons, first it saves time (every group has that guy who's always late and/or unprepared) and second I like to set up a visually pleasing board that makes sense (when you alternate terrain set-up between players things can get odd). When we're playing a game that uses a 4'x4' board I set-up two options, describe the features and then we randomly decided who choses where we play.

For Sunday's session I set up a pioneer mining town. This board has several impassible small buildings, a 5" graveyard, some large trees, a fountain, a mine (interior counts as soulstone vein), and a large saloon that models may enter. 

The second board was a bog. This has a large swamp (6" tall covering, severe water terrain), some small 5" swamps (1" tall severe water terrain), a 5" scrap pile, a 5" graveyard, two ruins on elevated terrain and a hanging tree (causes terror).