On the painting table ... Order of the Chimera

Malifaux – Right now I'm painting two crews (Order of the Chimera/Miners and Steamfitters Union) for a commission. I wasn't happy with the way the sabertooth heads were fitting so I modeled a mane on it. The models themselves are amazing sculpts and didn't need to much clean up. Assembly on the other hand was more difficult because of the small joins I made sure to pin everything and fill any gaps with greenstuff. Below is a work-in-progress shot of the Order of the Chimera. They of course need some work but the base colors are there. 

The Steamborg was a greater challenge because the legs need to support the model and connect it to the base. After pinning everything I reinforced the joins with greenstuff. Hopefully that will strengthen the joins enough as these models will most likely see significant handling

The bases were created using cork sheets and my own mix of ballast. I prefer to use wood glue when creating this type of base because it dries harder and if need be is sandable. Once the models are painted I plan to add lichen, grass and some water effects in the recesses.