Metro Malifaux League Week 5

Seamus gets Spiritual


Narrative Battle Report
by Josh Powers [jmp_mydog]

“Bloody Hell, these were new boots,” Seamus exclaimed as he trudged through the swampy bog. Reflecting on the events that put him here. 

During the last his last visit to Nicodem’s new Observatory, the undertaker’s newest pupil shared the secrets of bending the wills of spirits to follow the orders of a master. At first the hatter scoffed at the idea, but after seeing them in action he reluctantly conceded their usefulness. With Molly and Sybil running another errand he brought some of the restless spirits with him for this errand.

The hissing and screeching of the harpies abruptly jarred him from his thoughts. The gardener called these creatures Shikome. Apparently they’re soul hunters, and for this little mission they should be most useful. Flocking around them were several bat-like apparitions, commonly referred to as Night Terrors, these particular beasts seem to have an affinity for the Shikome.

“Well now my sweets, that blind whore is out here somewhere. I need you to track her down and do your worst.” The beauty of these spirits is while they suck the life from their victims they leave the body unscathed, making resurrection last a bit longer.

With a screech the Shikome and Terrors launched into the air scanning the swamp for signs of their prey. The hatter trudged off through the bog keeping an eye to the sky for a sign they’ve found his nemesis. Silently following behind was a hungry ghost, these Gaki are drawn to the living hoping to feast upon their flesh. 

As he burst into a clearing, gunshots rang out. The Terrors had found some prey. Getting a better look, it appeared they had scared one of the Ortegas from his hiding place. Suddenly a crash a hiss of steam burst from the underbrush...a peacekeeper. “Isn’t this just my luck, since when do they send that mechanical beastie out in the swamp. Well I guess that’s my que.” and he ducked back behind a ramshackle structure. 

A vengeful spirit, draw to the energy manifested appeared and lashed out at the construct. It’s ghostly claws tearing rents into the side of its carapace. The constructs massive arms lashed out and briefly disrupted the Onryo’s hold on this world. With a shriek it vanished passing through the body of Samuel Hopkins, as he stepped out from behind another shed. 

“It seems I must do everything myself,” Seamus sighed as he cocked the hammer of his .50 cal, and unloaded into the construct. The massive boom of the hand cannon was shortly followed by a larger explosion as the boiler tanks ruptured and the Peacekeeper collapsed into the bog. Giggling hysterically the hatter then turned his attention to the squawking harpies, who were swooping and diving behind the shed Hopkins just stumble from.

“Excellent, my sweets. That’s right let’s end this whore once and for all. What the hell...?” Seamus exclaimed as a giant bird tore into his shoulder. Crouching down the hatter scanned the area to see where the flying vermin came from. A rustle in the underbrush gave away the unseen assailants position. “Well now no need to be hiding their, Bukko. Come out an play nice.” Reloading his flintlock Seamus closed the distance between himself and the cowardly bushwhacker. 

A shot rang out, knocking Seamus’ hat from his head. “I don’t have time for this, why don’t you go away.” he ordered, firing his hand cannon in the direction of the shot. Santiago collapsed as his shoulder exploded in a shower of gore. Unseen from the shadows the Gaki leapt onto the wounded gunfighter and began to gorge.

Behind the shed, Lady Justice is swarmed by the vicious harpies. She swings here sword and tries valiantly to dispatch the apparitions, but her efforts are for not. The poisonous claws rake her face and tear at her body. Through shear brute force she is able to sever the ties that hold one of the soul-hunters to this world, but the poison takes it’s toll and the other beast is able to bring her down. Silently she collapses into the murky water.

“Well now, what have we here. Looks like the gardener might be onto something. Shoo now, I need the body, she going to make quiet the beautiful flower, yes ... yes she will.” Wiping the Austringers blood from his hands he gathered up the still warm corpse of the sword mistress and headed back to the city proper.