Metro Malifaux League Wrap Up

The league was a success. Overall I think allowing people to chose their opponents and take an average for the games played was the biggest draw for this league. It kept things feeling very casual while keeping a competitive environment. Tuesday we'll be having some tiebreaker games and then the awards. 

Basically the way the league worked was:

Players chose their opponents and must play one game per week and can play a maximum of three games per week. A win is worth 3 VP, Tie 2 VP and Loss 1VP. The total number of VP players earn is averaged with the number of games played to determine each week's score.

After five weeks the winner's are determined. In the event of a tie the total Encounter VP's are used for the tie-breaker. If the players who are tied agree, there will instead be a tiebreaker game during the award week.

If you're interested here's the weekly strategies:

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5